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How It Works

Provides Integrated Solutions to Manage Restaurant Operations

Foodnerd has complete POS system features that go a long way to make sure that all your restaurant operations are moving in unison. It helps you to incorporate unique features in your restaurant operations to have contactless payment methods with an e-commerce order handling system and integration capabilities and many other exciting options to avail.



Reach customers at a pace faster than you can even restock your kitchen!

  • Email Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Advertisement
  • SMS Marketing

Online Ordering Built

Now you don’t need to rely on third-party software because foodnerd provides you a POS-integrated online ordering system that lets you accept orders directly from your website.


Why Foodnerd POS?

Foodnerd Cloud-based POS is essential to consider because it provides intuitive features such as:

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Easy-to-Maintain
  • Price Flexibility
  • Actionable Insight
  • Data Security
  • Hardware Compatibility
  • Quality Services

What you get with Foodnerd?

Add Orders, Not Tables

Foodnerd can help you increase your customer base with no upfront cost.

Grow Together

Your integration with foodnerd POS brings you strength and profitable growth.

Control Everything

Confirm, update and organize pending orders with one easy-to-use app.

We Market Professionally

We are working to acquire new customers in your market every day.

iOS + Android

Foodnerd POS is compatible with any kind of device, whether iOS, Android, or Windows. Manage your business anywhere, any time.

Marketing and Ads

Foodnerd POS has opened the door of massive marketing of your brands with multiple platforms, including social media, SMS, and email marketing.

Press Releases

Foodnerd, ramp up its sign-up to reach 10,000 restaurants by October 2021
Foodnerd, a leading provider of restaurant Point of sale software solutions, announced to position itself to reach 10,000 restaurant sign-ups by October 2021. This vision of continuous progress, dedication, and demonstration of excellence within a limited period proved to be very fruitful for Foodnerd in the preceding years.Read More