There are many POS software out there; why should I choose Foodnerd POS?
Not every restaurant POS system features perfectly fits your specific needs, so it is necessary to take the right decision at once. The Foodnerd POS is designed explicitly for the restaurants. It efficiently streamlines every operation of your restaurant ranging from order and payment taking mechanism to manage inventory and building customer loyalty. It provides you all-in-one solution on your Android, iOS, Desktop, iPad, and tablets. With Foodnerd POS, you can get instant reports about your restaurant operations anywhere, any time.
How long does it take to install or set up Foodnerd POS?
Getting Foodnerd POS set up for your restaurant won’t consume much of your time because it is intuitive to use. We strive to provide quick services to our clients; that is why once you get Foodnerd POS, you simply need to install the Foodnerd mobile app or access it on your laptop or Personal computer to get started.
I occasionally experience network outages. Can I operate Foodnerd POS if the server would stop working?
Yes, you can operate your business confidently with Foodnerd POS even when the internet goes down. It provides you an advanced offline & online mode that enables your POS to run uninterrupted operations. Your data will be sync immediately when your device regains connectivity.
I’m interested in Foodnerd POS, and I want to know How Foodnerd POS assists me in my restaurant’s daily operations?
Foodnerd POS offers a flexible way to maintain and manage your business operations efficiently. It allows you to track your orders online or offline, take away and dine in with a single dashboard. Its cloud-based feature tracks your customers and gives them a reason to come back. It simplifies the restaurant operations with a digital ordering experience that brings convenience to customers. Foodnerd POS also allows you to maintain a cash ledger. It keeps track of your cash flow and supports a real-time view of your daily cash-in and cash-out reports.
Would Foodnerd POS be compatible with my devices?
Yes sure. The Foodnerd POS works significantly with iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. It is explicitly designed with numerous features that can quickly run on any device or terminal efficiently.
Can Foodnerd POS save me from hours of headache?
Yes, Foodnerd POS provides you flexible way to manage your restaurant operation in an organized manner. It is a rapid and most straightforward solution intended to build and grow your business to a great extent. Foodnerd POS gives you a centralized way to manage all the restaurant operations that will save you from hours of headache.
Inventory management is always a challenging task for me. Can I manage my inventory efficiently with Foodnerd POS?
Foodnerd POS has cloud-based inventory management that gives you a birds-eye view of your inventory. With Foodnerd POS, you can automate your inventory management and instantly generates a purchase or transfer order. It also allows you to optimize the inventory level, manage cash flow, and maintain stock level with minimal waste.
I have my restaurant outlets globally. Can I operate my restaurants online with Foodnerd POS?
Yes, you can operate multiple restaurants worldwide with Foodnerd POS. No matter where you are, it provides you plenty of options and e-commerce features that enable you to keep track of your orders, items, delivery, and inventory.
How much does Foodnerd POS software cost?
Foodnerd POS provides you an affordable way to manage your business operations. Its pricing plan ranges into three categories, Free, Pro, and Speciality; you can find details at
Is there any additional cost associated with Foodnerd POS?
Different companies offer POS in which many hidden charges are associated, but Foodnerd POS is very fair in this matter; we do not associate additional costs with Foodnerd POS. Our main motive is to provide our clients a well-integrated POS software at an affordable rate.
Is there any feature to manage the menu in Foodnerd POS?
Yes, Foodnerd POS allows you to create and manage multiple menus of your restaurants and quickly make adjustments. Foodnerd POS provides you a centralized way to manage all your restaurant operations. Such as recipe management, food categorization, menu display with top-selling items, and signature dishes, etc.
In case of any support or queries, do I get assistance from Foodnerd?
Yes, our team of experts is always there to help you out with your difficulties. No matter where you are locating our qualified personnel are available 10/7 and try to solve your problems as early as possible.