Intuitive Features


Order Management

Stay ahead in managing orders effectively via Foodnerd POS, which is an all-in-one management system. It acts as an assistance tool and gives customers quick and efficient services through a fast order-taking mechanism. Foodnerd POS provides you a flexible and affordable way to maintain your order efficiently. It allows you to track your orders online or offline, take away and dine in with a single dashboard and gain customer loyalty with your fast and satisfying services. With Foodnerd POS, Get instant alerts for all your online orders on your Android and iOS mobiles anytime, anywhere, and cut down additional operational costs for your restaurants.


Inventory Management

Manage your inventory effortlessly and efficiently with Foodnerd POS and have a birds-eye view of your inventory. With Foodnerd POS, you can automate your inventory management as it instantly generates a purchase or transfer order, optimizes the level of stocks available in your inventory, manages cash flow, and strive to maintain stock level with minimal waste. Foodnerd POS updates inventory counts for you with the help of cloud-based inventory management tools and makes sure that you never get out of stock.


Menu Management

Create and manage multiple menus of your restaurants with Foodnerd POS and Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Foodnerd POS provides you a centralized way to manage all your restaurant operations. Such as recipe management, central menu management, food categorization, menu display with top-selling items, signature dishes, etc., that prompt the customer to order instantly. You can easily edit and make adjustments to your menu manually.


Online Ordering

Foodnerd simplifies the restaurant operations with a digital ordering experience that brings convenience and flexibility to customers. Foodnerd POS is a complete solution that allows you to gain customer loyalty, increase profitability and manage plenty of online or dine-in orders from a single dashboard. Its built-in online ordering feature provides a user-friendly delivery, pick-up, and dine-in experience and reaches more customers.


Kitchen Management

Foodnerd POS integrates with the kitchen to eliminate the need for pen and paper order and improve order accuracy. Your team would view and prepare food as per each order receipt and eliminate the possibility of errors through verbal communication. Foodnerd POS provides you quick navigation of your orders which results in accurate and fast services. It manages multiple kitchens, tracks inventory, processes the payment, and runs orders efficiently.


Monitor or Add New Customer

Stay close to your customers, engage with them regularly, Show them love and keep them coming back. Foodnerd POS captures the customer information and keeps all the data of your customers in a single place. It Grows your customers’ database directly during transactions, adds and manages customer accounts, keeps them connected, and sends them promotional SMS and emails to keep your business top of mind. Foodnerd also has the potential to reach new customers and allow you to broaden up your presence on social platforms.


Promotion Management

Give your customers attractive offers and discounts to grab their attention. Collect customer Data and Run an effective market campaign because Foodnerd POS provides a sophisticated promotion engine to design and run attractive marketing campaigns. It allows you to use real-time POS promotions to precisely target your customers and send them exclusive promotions via Facebook, SMS, and email that may attract more people. They end up buying different items along with promoted ones.


Delivery Management

With Foodnerd POS, give your customers a taste of swift delivery, optimize your operations from door-to-door, manage deliveries effectively, receive orders, and process payments. It allows you to easily accept orders placed in person, online, over a phone, or via third party platform and takes your business to the next level.


Advanced Offline Mode

Even if your internet connection is down, keep your business running confidently and not worry about network outages anymore. Foodnerd provides you an advanced offline & online mode that enables your POS to run uninterrupted operations. When the internet connection is restored, it synced the data immediately. This feature doesn’t require any additional requirements or costs.


Devices Compatibility

Foodnerd POS is specifically designed with numerous features that can quickly run on any device or terminal efficiently. It runs perfectly on Android, iOS, Desktop iPad, and tablets.


Sales & Audit Report

Foodnerd POS provides you detailed report and insight about your top or least selling items that will save you hours of headache and enables you to make informed decisions. It gives you information, visual tables, and critical graphics of your day-to-day restaurant operations. It also identifies the common vital trends that provide you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your business. Where ever you are, you can always check all the reports from Foodnerd POS cloud or mobile dashboard apps on iOS and Android.


Cash-in & Cash-Out

Foodnerd POS allows you to maintain a cash ledger. It keeps track of your cash flow and maintains a real-time view of your daily cash-in and cash-out reports. You can also hold a cash drawer, and with rich permission settings, you can assign cash drawers to staff and managers accordingly.


Multi-User Mode

Foodnerd POS gives you the ability to access various features and assign different elements to your staff as per their role and needs. You can restrict access by setting them multi-user IDs and maximize the users as per the needs of your business and change it over time.


24/7 Customer Support

Our professional team of Customer Support takes care of everything. We are always here to assist you and address your queries. Feel free to contact us for every issue ranging from migrating your current POS system to set up your business. Our specialists will personalize it as per your preference and train your staff to grow your business from day one.


Tap New Customers

Your new customers are out there, ready to be discovered online. Foodnerd has potential to reach new customers and allow you to keep you to broaden up your presence on social platforms. Give them new offers and discounts to grab their attention.