Syed Taqi

Owner, Bin Hashim

“Switching to the Foodnerd was a good change for us. We needed the flexibility of using the split bill and integrated online and offline order functions which they provide, but without losing simplicity. We got lots of support during set-up and they are very quick to respond if we need them.”


Owner, Bakehouse Multan

“For our menus, we find the Foodnerd POS really helpful. The system is quick to start up and it’s fast to use. It really suits us for the size and nature of our business. The most important thing is that, for a good system and package, it is very affordable.”


Owner, Italian Pizza

“Foodnerd POS makes our staff more efficient, one of the important things I see is that it lets staff process orders quickly. The separate receipt for the kitchen staff from a single click has really sped up the process and that’s what helped us to beat that weekend rush”


Owner, GK Pizza

“We tried them all — I don’t wanna name them, but it was really hard for our staff to get used to previous point-of-sale systems. When we found Foodnerd, it was easier for us to learn and the price was better than anything out there.”