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About Foodnerd POS

Foodnerd is a Cloud-based Point of sale software specifically designed for restaurants of all sizes. Foodnerd POS helps restaurants to streamline operations, increase revenues and deliver an excellent customer experience. It provides you the best POS software that allows you to stay on top of your business.

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Foodnerd, ramp up its sign-up to reach 10,000 restaurants by October 2021

Foodnerd, a leading provider of restaurant Point of sale software solutions, announced to position itself to reach 10,000 restaurant sign-ups by October 2021. This vision of continuous progress, dedication, and demonstration of excellence within a limited period proved to be very fruitful for Foodnerd in the preceding years. The company’s overall financial statistics are touching competitive progress. The daily orders of Foodnerd POS are approximately XXXX as per today's statistics. At the same time, the per diem transaction volume of foodnerd POS is boosted up to XXXX. Collectively the monthly orders have witnessed an increase of XXXX as compared to the June 2021 report.

Foodnerd POS is successfully navigating technological changes and industrial demands in order to provide restaurant owners with innovative and productive restaurant Point of sale software technology. Hisham Malik, the CEO of Foodnerd, said, “As the demand for Point of Sale solutions continues to surge, we want to be among leading brands with our products and services. We are determined to have a disruptive edge in technology in the coming years as foodnerd continues to scale up. We pride ourselves in providing a cloud-based POS system with complete restaurant management, including online ordering and a website built that is compatible with your business! ”

Recently, the restaurant industry has been among the hardest hit, and COVID undoubtedly changed the consumer’s shopping behavior as well. The lockdown measures and social distancing restrictions hindered the restaurant industries from achieving their interest to the fullest extent. Only a few restaurants benefited during the pandemic due to the point of sale software. That's why Foodnerd POS aims to revitalize the restaurant industry interest by providing them a secured cloud-based POS software with advanced technology, innovative software capabilities, and low price. It is designed explicitly to elevate restaurant operations, increase efficiency, and boost revenues.

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