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The restaurant point of sale solution has emerged due to technological advancement. However, it had recently gained popularity during COVID-19 when the strict government regulations forced the restaurant owners to close their business and follow SOP. During the COVID-19, the restaurant business faced severe challenges, and thus, it provoked the managers to adapt to technology to continue their business operations. With POS software, the restaurant manager integrates their business operations to the internet and can efficiently operate it anywhere, anytime. Similarly, the POS software also benefited the customers in many ways. It provides customers with contactless ordering and payment solutions to avoid unnecessary interaction with the staff. Hence, the POS solution is gaining much recognition day by day. At the same time, the regulatory authorities have also implemented different rules and regulations regarding the use of POS software. Such as point of sale integration with FBR. 

POS Integration With FBR

FBR is an abbreviation of the Federal Board of Revenue. It is the official institution of the Government of Pakistan that plays a role in taxation collection from every single citizen of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has made a point of sale integration mandatory with FBR. According to the Law, all tier-1 retailers, including national or international restaurants operators, manufacturers, bakeries, sweet shops retailers, are required to integrate their POS operations with FBR and generate sale invoices in real-time printed with FBR fiscal number, QR codes, and FBR registered logo”. 

Why Do Restaurants Integrate Their Point Of Sale With FBR?

According to chapter XIV-A of the sales Tax rule, 2006, It is mandatory for the restaurant operators, snacks bars, cafes, etc., who fall under the category of tier-1 retailers to integrate their restaurant point of sale software with FBR. Any operator who does not abide by this law will be sentenced to imprisonment for one or more years, and they will also be fined up to two hundred thousand rupees. 

Similarly, according to the legal regulations, these codes of conduct for POS integration with FBR are also applicable to the online sales, i.e., the tier-1 retailers must integrate their websites with FBR; thus, they will make sure that their in-store, as well as online sales, are also integrated with FBR, and they are directly reported to FBR along with FBR invoice number, QR codes and generated invoice.

Many outdated points of sale solutions are there that are not integrated with FBR. Thus it becomes challenging for them to share their sales invoices with FBR. as the government makes it mandatory to have POS softwares integrated with FBR; therefore, as an alternate option, many operators have to separately install a fiscal software component on their same computer where they already have installed POS software. Then the fiscal component will be integrated with the POS system and generate reports to FBR. 

However, today, there are many advanced cloud-based software technologies in the market, such as foodnerd POS, which is automatically integrated with FBR, so the restaurant owners are not required to install a separate software component. The foodnerd POS will periodically move the recorded invoice system of restaurants to the FBR online system via an independent process.  

Benefits Of Having FBR Integrated Restaurant POS

The point of sale system, which is already integrated with the FBR, provides many significant benefits such as:

  1. FBR integrated POS system offers real-time integration with FBR system.

  2. It automatically uploaded the invoicing data into the FBR system, so users cannot provide their invoice data reports separately.

  3. FBR officially publishes the list of certified POS on its website. Thus it will enhance brand reputation. 

  4. The customers can quickly get discounts while ordering or shopping from the FBR integrated POS.


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Best FBR Integrated Restaurant POS Solution 

Many latest point-of-sale software are automatically integrated with the FBR, so retailers are not required to buy any separate component and then combine it with their POS and FBR. One of the best FBR integrated points of sale software is Foodnerd. It is a light-speed Restaurant Point Of Sale software that allows managers to efficiently manage billing, inventory, table, history, kitchen, QR, and many more. The foodnerd POS syncs the sales and tax data in real-time and connects the real-time reports with the FBR server. Similarly, foodnerd POS saves the data In case FBR APIs/system is down. Hence, it doesn’t stop the operation.  With Foodnerd, the managers are not required to have prior technical knowledge because they can easily manage their business operations using mobile, laptops, or tablets. The POS software solutions provide ease in operational efficiency by automating business operations and reducing operating costs. Lastly, to verify the customers about their invoice, they can download the Asan App by FBR on their smartphone and open the online verification system to go to the POS Invoice and download the QR code.

FBR POS Integration FAQs 

Which retailers come under the category of Tier-1 retailers?

All those retailers operated in the air conditioning shopping mall, national or international chain stores, wholesale retailers, restaurants, cafe snack bars, and sweets shop operators. All these retailers come under the category of tier-1 retailers.

Who will benefit from the FBR integrated POS?

The tier-1 retailers will benefit from the installation of FBR integrated POS  because the tax rates are low and the compliance will be hassle-free, and their business reputation will be elevated. 

Should all the restaurants integrate their restaurant POS with FBR?

Under chapter XIV-A of the sales tax rule 2006, it is mandatory for the food industry business operators, including restaurants, cafes, snack bars, sweet shops operators, to integrate their POS with FBR. 


Howmuch, FBR Integrated Retail POS Software

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