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  • 2021/08/13
Whenever an investor wants to invest, they focus on the minor and significant details. That is how much cost they have to bear and how much benefit they will reap. They consistently concentrate on opting for a very high-quality product that offers them more opportunities in a limited amount of time and money. 

Investing in a POS system always gives you a fast return on your investment. That is why it is always a good decision to go for it. No matter the size of your business, if you have a POS system, you are ranked among elites. So, if you are interested in buying a point of sale system for your business, this blog will help you a lot because it provides you with a piece of accurate information about the point of the sale system cost.

POS System Software 

The point of sale system is the most straightforward software that enables you to handle the sale better, server business, and fulfill your customer’s needs. A high-quality POS system is worth investing in because it brings efficiency and ease to your company and eventually saves your money and time. The best POS system software allows you to track your customers, make an accurate decision, record sales, accept payments, move transactions, and address issues in real-time.

POS System Cost 

If you want to invest in a good point of sale system for your business, you should never go for a cheap one. Always go for a good quality POS system that is reasonable in price because it is essential for your business. The typical POS system cost might vary from $60 to $100 per month, but it usually depends upon the sleek and sophisticated features you opt for and activate. However, it mainly relies on the size of your business.

Typically, a restaurant POS system can cost $700 to $ 3000 depending on the restaurant’s operations, such as table management, customized ordering, inventory management, automated ordering, and customer loyalty services. Still. The innovative POS software is far cheaper than traditional POS software because they were costly because of their licensing expenses and hefty setup, which usually involves hardware and maintenance costs. On the other hand, the new POS system prices are very reasonable because of their innovative capabilities, such as the cloud-based POS systems have lower costs and they have outstanding features such as improved security, scalability, and uptime. Hence, they are cost-efficient and affordable.  

POS Software Price In Pakistan     

The cost of POS software in Pakistan is much more affordable compared to other international points of sale software. The users usually have to pay the amount in dollars, and that’s become too costly especially the monthly up-gradation fee. Luckily many software houses in Pakistan provide a very efficient and smart point of sales software with exceptional features similar to international level POS software and at many reasonable prices. One of the most recommended points of sale software for restaurants is foodnerd, and no doubt they offer the most flexible price software at just 25,000/- PKR. Just imagine the cost of POS software is in the billions and millions, but in Pakistan, you can get the same thing at a minimal price. You are only required to take their yearly subscription for just 25 thousand Pakistani Rupees (PKR), and that’s it. No hassle of monthly billing and maintenance fees.  

Similarly, foodnerd charge 25,000/- PKR and offers the best POS system price in Pakistan with numerous additional features involved in their services that are highlighted below:

  1. Installation charges

  2. Training

  3. Backend Support

  4. Server Rent

Foodnerd POS features at a glance:-

  1. Cloud-based solution

  2. Online/Offline Mode (Hybrid)

  3. AWS Server

  4. Compatible with Android, iOS, Win 10, Desktop, Laptop & any POS Machine (Win 10)

  5. Customer online ordering

  6. Both web browser and phone Apps access

  7. Multiple stores access through one account

  8. Dashboards of individual stores and all of them

  9. Unlimited customer database

  10. Announcements, news, notifications, and discounts

  11. Supplier Database and Ledger

  12. Partial Payment option for supplier purchase and Due Report

  13. Eat-in, Take-away, and Delivery mode

  14. FBR integration

  15. Dynamic reporting system, e.g., P & L, Sale & Purchase, Expense Report, Item Report, Order Report, etc.

  16. Inventory management (stock, weighted ratio, reserved quantity, etc.)

  17. Kitchen Management (recipe based accounting and wastage log)

  18. Contactless sales integrated, e.g., QR Code

  19. Various payment options

  20. Diverse receipt system

  21. Constant improvements

  22. New features added regularly

  23. Employee management system including commission module

  24. Remote access

  25. Privilege settings

  26. Data safety, security, and confidentiality guaranteed

  27. Annual Subscription

  28. Free installation

  29. No hidden charges

  30. Comprehensive training to learn user flow

  31. 10/7 backend support

And the list goes on.

Foodnerd Pricing Plan 

With foodnerdpos you can save more and utilize a highly advanced POS system for your business. It offers you different packages, including free, specialty, and pro. The standard charge for foodnerdpos yearly subscription is 25,000/- PKR, while the premium package cost is 35,000/- PKR. If you want the best light-speed POS system for restaurants at a minimal price, then a foodnerd POS is the best choice for you. 

Comparison Of Foodnerd Restaurant POS Software Price With Other 

The main aim of the FoodnerdPOS is to provide their customers with ease with Foodnerd POS, and your restaurant will sell extraordinarily, perform exceptionally and slow down the operational hassle. It has much more revolutionary features than a simple POS.



No monthly software fees

Monthly software fees range from 0$ to $272

Zero installation cost

Installations costs are optional and quote-based, and they vary according to your business size

Offers one-month free trial plan 

Offers none or 14 days trial plan

Best cloud-based point of sale software for restaurants which is compatible with any devices such as android, windows iOS

Offers premise-based software or software that can be installed on only one device. 

Highly affordable elite-quality POS system with a lot of features.

The costs vary on the features and services you want to avail

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