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  • 2022/01/19

LEAP is an ambitious tech event announced by Saudi Arabia to transform and boost the technological sector. The plan behind LEAP is to elevate the economy of KSA by 2030 using non-oil-based ways. This is happening for the first time in history when Saudi Arabs think out of the box. KSA’s whole economy is dependent on oil. That is why they have taken the initiative to generate revenue by supporting entrepreneurship and tech innovation. 

It is the most awaited event for the tech community that will provide far-reaching implications. LEAP will create opportunities to empower the business tech startups and pushes the businesses to adopt automated solutions to manage their complex operations. This event encourages young talented, and sharp-minded people to play a vital role in the technological sector and achieve a sustained economy via digital innovation. 

LEAP will encourage different areas to exhibit their innovative technology such as Blockchain and Crypto, robotic, 3D painting, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smart mobility, bio-tech, health-tech, quantum, 5G, data and fintech, space and technology, unmanned system, open-source and material sciences. It will provide a platform for innovators, distributors, and pioneers to engage and explore the latest technology, meet potential stakeholders and raise funds under one roof. The influential investors will raise funds to support innovative start-ups that will be leading to long-term benefits.   

Where Is It Being Held?

The event will be held in the first week of February, i.e., leading 1-3 February 2022, in the renowned and largest exhibition center known as Riyadh Front Exhibition Center. It is sponsored by prominent multinational governmental organizations and KSA significant investors, including Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Microsoft, CISCO, KPMG, STC, Ericsson, Mobily, Zain, Nutanix, Software AG, etc. The Informa Tech will be the organizers of the event. This event will welcome prominent CEOs from around the world. It will provide a socio-cultural platform to share inspirational stories and connect with renowned entrepreneurs and investors. 

What Can Visitors Expect From LEAP?

LEAP’s primary concern is to digitalize the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and acknowledge the transformation and automation in every industry and business prevalent in KSA.  LEAP 2022 is a strategic initiative taken by the KSA to improve the reputation of Saudi Arabia as a visionary state which is providing the potential global technology industries a chance to be a part of them and connect the three continents with technology. LEAP 2022 is not like other tech events; it is a very outstanding event that pushes stakeholders to do something challenging, creative, innovative, and reflect their wonderful ideas and vibrant technology to attract global attention. It is expected that LEAP will elevate Saudi GDP to 50%, increase the opportunities of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), attract domestic and international talent, recognize and motivate the female workforce to contribute optimistically. 

What Are The Potential Opportunities Investors Will Reap In LEAP?

The LEAP 2022 is full of potential investors. It will motivate public and private stakeholders to unlock boundless investment opportunities and the potential for successful economic diversification. This event enables the stakeholders and participants to deliver and exhibit their technology, meet with the broader community, share ideas and gain much experience with mutual collaboration and participation.

This event will propel the Saudi nation to be recognized among the top 20 tech-enabled nations. LEAP is undoubtedly a large-scale economic development event that is spreading opportunities among continents to meet and share their ideas and technologies. 

LEAP holds a unique and mutually beneficial collaboration and trust between the government and private sector. It has great importance that will surpass everyone’s expectations. LEAP 2022 is granting outstanding opportunities for women to reveal their exceptional ideas and stand in the front line for the long-term sustenance of the technology sector in KSA. Through the digital agenda, LEAP will prove to be a landmark technology event that will drive female empowerment and digital transformation across KSA. 

Role Of Howmuch & Foodnerd In LEAP

As an innovator of robust, reliable, innovative, and powerful cloud-based Point of Sale Technology for the Retail and Restaurant sector, Howmuch and Foodnerd are geared up to participate in the top-notch global tech event LEAP 2022 to exhibit their solution to the world. They are showing high interest in expanding their presence to KSA and collaborating with the potential buyers of restaurant and retail POS technology to enhance the success of emerging restaurant or brick and mortar retail store businesses. 

Howmuch and Foodnerd are highly committed to strengthening the projects of innovative technology firms in the region, mainly in KSA and related countries and overcoming obstacles coming in their way with their robust software development solutions. It will also contribute to the digital transformation of all the businesses which are still using old and manual processes to run their operations. Howmuch and Foodnerd aim to accelerate and empower the restaurant and retail sector with advanced cloud-based technology.

Foodnerd POS for restaurants and Howmuch POS for the retail sector will announce massive tech deals to encourage the investors, resellers, and potential buyers to use this technology and reap potential rewards. No doubt, with Point of Sale technology, Howmuch and Foodnerd offer a wide array of opportunities that will be provided to entrepreneurs, retailers, merchants, and restaurant owners internationally to push their business forward. 

Similarly, it has also opened up the doors for the affiliate and reseller program and given them a platform to earn industry-leading commission and generate massive revenue with referral programs. The business stakeholders will also benefit from integrating their business tools with Howmuch retail POS or Foodnerd restaurant POS technology. We ensure that by opting Howmuch and Foodnerd affiliate program at LEAP 2022, the business owners of Saudi Arabia will earn the highest potential revenue. 

Furthermore, retail and restaurant businesses will also benefit in LEAP 2022 because they will have direct interaction with the sellers of Point of Sale technology, and they will pick the best and the elite Point of Sale software solution to manage their business suppliers, inventory, sales, purchase and many more. By opting for the Foodnerd or Howmuch cloud-based POS solution, business owners or managers will automate their restaurant and retail business operations and drive their business to the next level.

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