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  • 2022/12/21

Do you know that 40% of the food in restaurants gets wasted on a daily or weekly basis? This is such a huge amount of food waste that it can be considered more than enough to feed the people who are malnourished.


As food waste in restaurants is a common problem, digital innovation offers a variety of solutions to reduce food waste.

If you are thinking about what the important solutions to food waste are and what the emerging technologies that reduce food waste are, then this blog will answer all your questions and surprise you with information you haven't heard before. 

Emerging Technologies That Reduce Food Waste

Regarding the massive amounts of waste that are on the rise, there are numerous solutions available to address this issue and reduce food waste, such as multiple appliances, tracking apps, and technologically advanced equipment. 

The emerging technologies are the practical examples of this phenomenon that are given below:

Smart Fridges

One of the most intriguing technologies to think about in 2023 or later is the "smart fridge," which is a highly programmed refrigerator with an internal artificial intelligence that keeps track of food and its expiration date to reduce the risk of food spoilage. 

Smart fridges are energy efficient and reduce electricity consumption, resulting in lower bills. They are highly innovative in nature and encourage you to plan everything creatively, create grocery lists, and keep track of everything.

Smart refrigerators are amazing because they typically have a touch screen interface and can easily connect to Wi-Fi, and there are numerous mobile apps that can easily operate smart refrigerators. 

while the internal cameras, flexible user control options, and energy-saving capabilities make it easier to consider food waste reduction technology.  


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Food Waste Prevention Apps

With the advancement of technology, there are many food waste apps that are significantly contributing, such as Too Good to Go, the app that connect customers and vendors and contribute in food waste reduction. 

Different restaurants are registered on this app to sell the wasted food at a lower cost at the end of the day, on a daily basis. Food Cloud is also an app that works the same way, contributing to providing food to billions of hungry people and reducing food waste.

Apps that offer meal planning tools, recipe recommendations, expiration date alerts, and waste minimization advice can help restaurants cut down on food waste. such as a point-of-sale app that monitors inventory and prevents food waste.

Food Waste Recycling Technologies

Food waste recycling technologies are the solution to food waste. It involves the process through which food waste can be turned into feed, fertilizer, and other products using technologies like thermal hydrolysis and hydrothermal processing.

For instance, in thermal hydrolysis, the food waste is processed by high-pressure boiling, which leads to rapid decomposition. These decomposing food wastes are frequently used to generate electricity.  

At the same time, there is an interesting app known as MyFoodways that provides recommended recipes based on the food that is present in your refrigerator so that you can recreate something interesting from it instead of wasting it. 


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Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging is also one of the top things that reduces product waste. It generally consists of packaging that is created from a material that naturally disintegrates or decomposes. 

Examples of biodegradable packaging materials that can help lower the amount of non-biodegradable waste produced from food packaging include paper and plant-based plastics.

Similarly, there is a Bin-e, which is a smart dustbin that uses IoT technology to improve waste management by sorting all the waste based on its recognized category and thus improving the recycling of waste material. 

Point Of Sale Software Technology

 One of the most important technologies in restaurants is the point of sale, which is software technology that keeps track of every minor or major detail in a restaurant and ultimately saves food from wastage. It keeps track of inventory, orders, required quantity, menus, and many other things.

The POS software not only oversees inventory but manages whole restaurant operations because it is an all-in-one tool that has the capacity to keep everything on point. Thus, POS software is a top tool for preventing food waste in restaurants. 

It retains artificial intelligence that forecasts the quantity of food that a restaurant requires at the same time that it generates weekly, monthly, or daily reports for restaurant kitchen staff. Also, the staff can manage ingredients as well with POS software technology. 


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