Benefits Of An Electronic Shelf Labeling System
  • Nubaira Ahmer khan"
  • 2021/12/22

Do you know what satisfies customers the most while shopping? The display of reliable and accurate information gives them relief in shopping, and they make proper decisions based on their budget. Nobody likes to enquire prices of every single item from staff again and again. Therefore, displaying prices on the grocery store shelf, bakeries, supermarkets, or any other retail store is significant. However, it is a time-consuming task, and every single day the prices of certain items rise or decline, so updating these prices displayed on the shelf is a very hectic task to perform. Through the evolution of digitalization, everything is advancing towards digital technology, and it is bridging ease and comfort in our lives. Let’s see how the fast-emerging electronic shelf labeling system is changing the fate of retail stores.

What Is An Electronic Shelf Label?

An electronic shelf label is a modern tool that performs instant price updates on the store shelves and Point of Sale terminals. These electronic shelf labels provide users immediate information about a product, its price, and manufacturing details. It is one of the most advanced ways to present information to the customers, and it is to be noted that in the future, the demands of electronic shelf labels will be high compared to anything else. Electronic shelf labels are a little-known retail efficiency secret; however, the central role of Electronic Shelf Label includes assistance in pricing automation, product positioning and management, personnel positioning, data collection, and operational business management. 

Benefits Of Electronic Shelf Labels

According to the global market demand, It is expected that the need for Electronic Shelf Labels will be a surge in coming years that will lead to more recognition of Electronic Shelf Labels in the global market. The reason behind the increasing demand for ESL is its unlimited benefits. Some of the benefits of Electronic Shelf Label to your business are given below:

Improve Efficiency 

If you are concerned with the compelling reason you need an electronic shelf labeling system, then the main concern is that it improves efficiency and reduces cost. We all know that manually adjusting papers with price tags is a very hectic, time-consuming, and error-prone task, and the slightest error leads to significant issues. Mistakes are inevitable, and you need an extra worker who can manage all the price tags for this task. However, with the advancement in technology and constructive growth in the retail sector, electronic shelf labels ease this activity. Now the retailers do not have to manually put all the price details and arrange the price tags because Electronic Shelf Label technology uses Wi-Fi to transmit accurate price information directly from the management operator to the ESL, and thus it displays prices digitally. 


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An Electronic Shelf Label is a complete solution that simplifies the store management operations. It has an inbuilt ability that automatically identifies the product’s demand and consumer engagement with particular items. Moreover, it quickly updates the prices and gives store operators a hassle-free way to identify a specific item in-store instantly. The electronic shelf labels are a little-known retail efficiency secret, and it provides a bundle of benefits to the users. Electronic shelf label robust and scalable technology offers a complete solution to create hassle-free business operations. One of the most critical aspects of ESL is that it is connected with point of sale software that enables operators to update the prices within seconds easily. 

Promotes Digitalization 

The Electronic Shelf Label accelerates digitalization in the retail industry. Now managing a big retail store, bakery or restaurant is not difficult because the electronic shelf labels give you the best experience in managing complex business operations in an automated way. Moreover, the ESL has a new advanced form managed by its powerful cloud-based technology. Furthermore, one of the most significant benefits of electronic shelf labels in retail is that they simultaneously manage multiple stores with their cloud-based platform. Thus with the advanced digital technology of Electronic Shelf Label, a business manager can easily optimize its restaurant or retail business operations and enhance the efficiency in a more sophisticated way. 

Reduce Cost

The ESL create a retail experience more rewarding and profitable. It improves the instore efficiency and reduces the cost of overspending on extra labor, paper, printing, labeling, etc. ESL allows retail store operators or shopkeepers to engage with customers more positively and provide them a good experience. It brings the retail stores to a new digital world where the profit margin increases and the cost of spending decreases. 


The electronic shelf labeling provides more accuracy as compared to traditional price tags that are mostly misplaced, not updated, and some of the labels are missing. This thing always annoys the customer when the price mentioned on the shelf is different from the cashier’s. Ultimately, it declines customer experience. Therefore the good thing about ESL is that it eliminates the issues by ensuring the price accuracy on your shelf as the price will be exactly like the price saved in your operator. Furthermore, updating the price is quick and accurate, and it generates high revenue and enhances profit margin. There are thousands of products present in store that need to be immediately updated; hence Electronic Shelf Labeling saves your staff time by updating the prices accurately and immediately.  


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