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  • 2021/10/15

You might not be aware of the fact, but the present-day competitive landscape considers Point of Sale software a necessity, not Luxury. If you want your restaurant to gain a competitive advantage against your restaurant industry competitors, you must adapt your business according to the new realities. Because the point of sale software technology integrates all the aspects of the business, including management of the restaurant inventory, staff scheduling, accounting integration, payment, and even marketing features. Additionally, it improves the operational efficiency of the restaurants, such as for managing the restaurant’s orders, the Kitchen receipt printers are primarily placed in the front of the point of sale counter. Still, do you know how the information appears in your kitchen receipts and how to manage the printer settings? With the advancement of technology, different software is there that automates the kitchen receipt management in your restaurants.

Role Of POS In Kitchen Management

In the restaurant kitchen, there are kitchen printers that are connected to the point of sale software. When a customer places an order, the point of sale software records all the details regarding order instructions and transactions, and a kitchen receipt has been generated in the back of the house for kitchen staff. Similarly, with the advancement of technology, many Kitchen display systems are available in the restaurant that eliminates paper tickets. It displays the order details generated through the point of sale software on the back of the house to instruct the staff to prepare the meal. After receiving the order from the point of sale software in real-time, the restaurant staff prepares it. Once they are done, they transfer the order to the next destination and this maintains the smooth functioning of the order and there is no confusion or order misplacement occur.

Digital Receipt In Kitchen Management 

The most important role POS plays in kitchen management is replacing the paper receipt with a digital receipt and opening new doors for restaurant managers to manage their operations efficiently. For instance, the point of sale software creates a digital receipt at the same time they automatically save the customer contact information, in its in-built CRM capability which managers can use for marketing promotions. Similarly, it gathers customers’ reviews regarding their feedback as a point of sale softwares prompts guests to give a thumbs up or thumbs down regarding the service, providing owners automatic feedback regarding their services. The digital receipt in kitchen management opens up new doors for the restaurants to engage customers indirectly because they get a consistent line of communication with their customers by having their contact number, emails, real-time feedback, etc.  


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Benefits Of Kitchen Management With POS 

 The point of sale system brings efficiency in managing the orders in the restaurant’s kitchen. Some of the benefits are given below:

  1. The POS provides fast and accurate tracking of orders within a kitchen to multiple stations. 

  2. It gives the staff accurate information regarding the customer orders and keeps track of the order number and its status. 

  3. It improves the kitchen productivity and quickly indicates which orders are ready, prepared, or past due.

  4. It shows customers a suggested time when their meal will get prepared and offers staff the recommended time to cook and deliver the order. 

  5. As the POS server rings up, the restaurant point of sale software simplifies the communication between the server and the kitchen staff. In contrast, the order will be easily communicated to the team via the kitchen display system.

  6. The point of sale software stores the order information in its cloud-based storage, so no error regarding the loss of order will arise. User can easily view their past, present, or in-progress orders in detail. 

  7. Digital kitchen management reduces the noise and automates the processes.

Best Kitchen Management POS Solution 

Many points of sale solutions are actively working to increase the kitchen’s efficiency, such as foodnerd point of sale software for the restaurant, which is specifically designed to manage the operational flow of the restaurant kitchen. It is the best-in-class, power-efficient, and reliable POS solution that optimizes the restaurants’ serviceability. Similarly, the foodnerd kitchen management POS solution contains a straightforward user interface with zero training. The orders will be readily displayed to the tablets, laptops, or any server, saving the chunky paper roles and mismanagement. 

Similarly, it is considered to be the most suitable POS system for small and medium restaurants and cafes. Foodnerd POS is compatible with iOS, Android, Web and it is very user-friendly with a lot of functionalities such as kitchen display, QR codes functionality, digital menu, table service. Foodnerd POS improves the quality of service in restaurant kitchen management and instantly serves many customers without delay. If you want to know the magic behind your restaurants’ smooth functioning, you are only required to install foodnerd POS software, have a Kitchen display system and Receipt transactions printer, and your restaurant will be ready to run smoothly.


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