How New Technology Trends in Restaurants That Are Saving Money?
  • Nubaira Ahmer khan"
  • 2022/10/25

Digital trends have taken over the whole restaurant industry nowadays. From online ordering to contactless payment, new restaurant technology trends are paving the smooth way for convenience. 

Restaurateurs are eagerly adopting digital technology because with every new adoption of trending restaurant technology, they give their customers a reason to come back to their restaurant. 

Thus, innovative restaurant trends are improving the ways restaurants operate, and for this purpose, we have highlighted all the latest tools in the restaurant industry that save money and time. 

If you are interested in knowing how the latest technology usage in the restaurant industry is saving money and if investment in restaurant technology promises a return on investment, then continue reading.

Online Ordering System 

The online restaurant ordering system is the most recent restaurant trend that provides a clear channel to customers where they can order online, either via the restaurant’s own online website or a third-party platform such as

It is the most common restaurant technology that gives customers the opportunity to take their time and browse menu items, decide based on their budget and priorities, place their order, make payments, and have their online food order delivered to their doorsteps


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Food Ordering App

Food ordering apps are also the most recent technological innovations that aim to connect customers with restaurants virtually.  There are many direct apps for the restaurants; there are also many third-party apps as well, such as the Foodnerd online ordering app.

Food ordering apps are becoming very popular because they give customers multiple perks, such as loyalty points and promo codes, and customers enjoy these privileges, so they are more eager towards online food ordering apps.


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Delivery Mobile Apps

The delivery of mobile apps is also included in the contemporary digital trends. The delivery apps are of two types: one benefits customers where they place an order and food delivery is delivered to their doorsteps right away. 

Some delivery apps are made especially for delivery riders, giving people the chance to make extra money by signing up for the delivery platform and making the necessary deliveries. such as foodnerd Click on Become a Rider and see how you can get registered with Foodnerd.  


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Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are the new trend that allows customers to make transactions in a super efficient way without having  direct interaction with staff. Some restaurants also have technology where customers don’t even have to swipe their cards or enter pin numbers. 

The contactless payment method emerged in COVID. However, both customers and restaurant owners favor it as the safest and most practical method of payment. It makes transactions smarter. 


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Digital Kitchen Boards

The digital kitchen boards are usually seen in quick-service restaurants. They are the digital boards that display restaurants' overall value, promotion deals, and other information, giving customers an easy choice to make a decision more quickly. 

The digital menu boards are usually on electronics and modern displays. They usually give customers a clear view. These types of boards are available in restaurants' kitchens too. It eliminates the paper tickets to the kitchen, and staff can view orders over the screen.


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Inventory Management Technology 

Gone are the days when people managed inventory manually and made a lot of mistakes. Now the new trend is automated inventory management technology. There are many software and technological tools available for inventory management. 

At the same time, some point of sale software contains an in-built feature to keep track of inventory, so it always avoids food spoilage or wastage with its precise information and allows   the restaurateur to make informed decisions. 


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Self Ordering Service

Self-ordering services are the latest trend nowadays, and they have replaced excessive staff usage because customers just visit restaurants, order the food themselves, and then pay by swiping their cards or with QR codes and that is it. 

The self-ordering trend seems very interesting to customers because customers do not have to stand in a long queue to order; they just order food directly. Also, the best thing about it is that it maintains accuracy. 


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Adopting Point Of Sale Software Technology

The newest development in the restaurant sector is cloud-based point of sale software, which is actively being sought after by all establishments and automating all aspects of restaurant operations. 

The use of point of sale software in restaurants gives the restaurateurs a competitive advantage over their competitors. The cloud-based POS software makes restaurant management super easy and accurate. 


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Digital Receipts

A popular restaurant technology that replaces the need for paper tickets or rolls is digital receipts. Instead of receiving paper receipts at the table, they can just get all the details of their order receipt on their mobile phone through SMS or email. 

At the same time, the paper tickets have been replaced with digital tickets in the current restaurant kitchens. For kitchens, there is POS software like Foodnerd that offers a variety of receipt printing options, including delta, break, and single print options. 


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Digital Cash Drawer

Digital cash drawers are the best and most revolutionary technology as compared to simple cash drawers. They are best for handling large amounts of cash, tracking restaurant sales, minimizing cash register errors, and collecting digital inventory data with their automated intelligence.

It is really significant to use in handling the cash in your restaurant and café. The best thing is that you can always connect your cash drawer with point of sale software, so it will further automate your cash handling and your restaurant's overall expenses. 


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